1. A COVID-19 test will be required to be completed within 72 hours of your scheduled procedure.  This test is mandatory and must be completed before your scheduled procedure.  The surgery center now offers COVID-19 testing.
    2. You will receive a call from a staff member at the center with options for specific testing days and times to complete your COVID-19 test. 
    3. Once you have arrived in the parking lot on your scheduled testing day/time, please call 415-567-1171.  Let the patient care coordinator know you have arrived for your COVID-19 test.
    4. A staff member will meet you in the parking lot to complete your COVID-19 screening and rapid testing.   
    5. The following questionnaire will be completed: PHSC COVID Questionnaire
    6. A nasal swab will be placed in your nose.  This is the COVID-19 test.  The test takes about 15 minutes to analyze.  Please remain in your vehicle during this time.
    7. If you test positive for COVID-19, your procedure will be rescheduled.  Your physician/surgeon will be notified and they will contact you with rescheduling details.

Please note: for all cash pay procedures, the COVID-19 Test is offered at $125.